San Diego Sunset

Safe and conscious sun gazing is vital!


  1. Aug30phil maring My cousin Lt David L Ugland was killed in the battle of hill 65 on the 8th of Nov. The Big and Rich song awakens his memory after 41 years. It was a shock to see his picture scroll by in the music video. Only those families and close friends of those killed or wounded in battle know how the sorrow really never leaves. David would have cobittnured great things to this world. I hope anyone who reads this will think about our war heros on Memorial day, if only for a while instead of thinking of Memorial Day as just another Holiday outing. Phil

  2. when Kanye wore their bracelets during a Coachella appearance and convinced regular guys to don ikat and abstract patterns. Their Burkman Brothers line fuses classic American sportswear with global

  3. NOTAS: 1 – A foto de Agosto é a de baixo.A da reincidência é a de cima.2Se alguém conseguir obter uma foto de um reboque a actuar na esquina da Av. de Roma com a Frei Amador Arrais poderá ganhar 1 almoço de lagostaeu ofereço.

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