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The last few days of sun gazing have been awakening! A few things that have allowed me to eat the sun with ease and without any negative issues

– First is meditation, specifically a technique called third eye meditation that I read in a book called Awakening The Third Eye. It is basically a meditation technique used to see auras and teaches you how to adjust the focus of your eyes with great control. This has allowed me to gaze for longer periods of time, even when I first started, by adjusting the focus of my eyes and being able to see the dark aspect of even the brightest situations!

– Second is my intent, my mind set, and my overall thoughts! These will direct the energy wherever they go or may not direct the energy if not checked by you, causing negative effects. I was literally able to absorb the suns energy into my pineal gland the other day when the sun was brighter than expected. My thoughts allowed me to direct that energy through my eyes to the core of my brain, eliminating the sun dot that typically stays in ones vision.

Mahalo for reading


  1. To basque in the sun your every sense is invigorated, opened and alive but to truly feel the sun’s awakening and life changing powers one must truly gaze and absorb the all mighty sun into your version of sight!!

    • Very well said! It is a unique experience for each individual, but this rings true for all sun gazers!

    • Linda Tilling – Aaaahhhhh!My little monkey boy,you scrub up soooooooo well.Absolutely love the pic’s,especially the one of Vicky in her wellies.Lovely pic’s of you alxxmx.xxxxxxxlxxSeptexber 22, 2011 – 10:05 am

  2. Yes, that happens when you close your eyes after sun gazing,, which I strongly advice! Safe Sungazing is the best method to activate pineal gland. Sungazing is amazing!

  3. Agreed Milada, safe sun gazing is VERY important! Without precaution and conscious effort, ones sun gazing experience can produce the exact opposite effects! Please to anyone who is just starting, read as much as possible and be smart about it. Don’t push your body, listen to it and let the energy flow through you. Take a look at our “How To…” page to see some safety precautions for sun gazing.

    Mahalo for your time!

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