Koko Head Sun Gazing

When you come to Hawaii, Oahu to be exact, I highly recommend sun gazing on top of Koko Head! It was great, super energizing and one amazing workout before your reach the top. When on Oahu, drive/bicycle/scooter/bus your way to Hawaii Kai, and right across from Hanauma Bay, you will see a tall, steep hill/mountain with a trail right up the center of it, that’s Koko Head! If you are going to do this, you need to be at the top no later than 6am, but 5:30am is best, after these times the sun starts to become very strong. So, if you are athletic it can take you 15 minutes if you go non-stop, no more than 25 minutes. If you are not so athletic, or you just want to go up casually, get to the base at least 30-45 minutes before you want to be at the top! Getting at the base at 5am and then being at the top at 5:30am is ideal. Trust me, the view is amazing, the hike is amazing and the sun gazing is perfect!


Mahalo for your time! Enjoy and let us know how your experience was!

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