Technique 4

Random Method

The time you practice sun gazing, it is best to look into the white clouds and you need not look at the sun directly (while starting out). The idea is for your eyes to receive the full light spectrum, for a few minutes, such as 1-2 minutes. You need not gaze too long, but you’ll be able to do enough that you feel warm and energized enough to stop. So if you find you need some more exposure due to depression, fatigue, or any other heavy feeling causing a lack of energy, look at it again. The key is not to strain yourself but to relax while gazing. If you feel tense while looking into the white light such as the sky or clouds, then you should really stop.

When the body is removed of its strain and the feeling that your body is being filled with energy then that is the key to successful sun gazing! The idea is to do it at different times of the day, especially in morning and late afternoon. What precise times really depends on how much sun you are getting at each particular time of day and your location on earth.