Technique 3

Vinny Pinto

Start by letting the full sun hit your closed eyelids for many minutes at a time first, you get some of the same benefits, but it is far less intense! Then, after a week or so of doing this practice only, you may feel ready to move into looking at the sun with open eyes during the early day or late day time windows recommended below.

Make sure, whenever you are sungazing, that your back is straight and that your feet are firmly on the ground barefoot (even in winter). This seems to be very important, in both my own experience and in a number of traditions.

Especially when first starting, try to sungaze only within the time windows of the first 1/2 hour after sunrise or the last 1/2 hour prior to sunset, or, even the first and last hour of each day.

Start sungazing slowly; perhaps sungazing during the early day or late day time windows for only 30 to 60 seconds at a time in the beginning, and increasing the time slowly over ensuing weeks.

Do it with no distractions such as walking the dog, minding the kids, talking to spouse. Works best and with least problems if your heart is already somewhat open.

Consciously “open” the spine channels from top of head to pelvis by visualizing beforehand a large tube running from crown to pelvis; do this visualization for only a few second in the beginning, and then let go of it… Gently, for the first few seconds, “pull” the light energy from sun first to heart and then to belly (solar plexus) and then to lower belly (navel chakra). From here, especially on the exhale, you can allow the energy to flow throughout the body.

While looking at sun, go to heart center and thank sun for all it gives us and express gratitude and appreciation for life it gives. Some Native American traditions claim that if you look at the sun with gratitude, anything you sincerely ask for at that time will be granted or will manifest.

When finished your sungazing session, stay outside with your feet on the ground, either standing or walking, for at least 20 minutes. Hira Manek has told me that he recommends walking barefoot for at least 45 minutes after each sungazing session. This sounds ideal. I personally have found that even 10 minutes of barefoot standing or walking outdoors is far better than no “post-sungazing” time at all. Fully expect that you may feel some slight visual impairment for up to an hour afterwards.

Fully expect that you may experience a strong “negative” sun image in yellow or blue afterwards for up to an hour, particularly if you neglect to stand or walk on the earth for at least 10 to 20 minutes after sungazing.