Technique 1


To increase benefits and utilize this opportunity to the fullest, it is ideal to get your mind accustomed to the idea that the sun is Beneficial! Below is a gradual technique developed and altered to enhance your sun gazing experience by leaving room in the process for your unique life style. Read through the entire technique before attempting to sun gaze.


  • Awareness of the sun through out your daily actions is simply adjusting your mental focus. Welcome the sunlight into your life, stop wearing sun glasses and become conscious of your reaction to sunlight. Altering your mind set can be the most difficult aspect of this, but the most beneficial through the entire process once you have trained yourself to welcome this energy that fills our galaxy with life. Do your research, look into sun gazing, the history, the practice, current events, current testimonials, the science, past testimonials, cultural importance, the sun, the eye, the brain……. and more!


  • Health is just like anything else in life, there are many aspects to it and all of them should be considered in order to improve. Become conscious of what you are eating and do research on the food you eat. Create a healthy diet by eating as much raw food as possible, and mainly eating organic foods! Moderate to light exercise on a consistent basis will aid along your journey of health. In your search for a better you, you may find that meditating (taking time out of your day to quite the mind and focus on one thing) will in fact increase your health and expand your consciousness.


  • Integration is best achieved by implementing the previous gradual steps and once those are implemented, start to focus on intentionally welcoming light in through your eyes to the Pineal gland. Your mind set has been prepared for these moments, and your intentions and thoughts in the moment of eating the sun are vital to your success. This can all be achieved in your daily routine or activities without redirecting your time, by utilizing the moments you walk to work, school, the office, the store, walking the dogs or any other time under the sun. It is best to not look directly at the sun until you have built up to that and that is why we recommend utilizing nature to ease your eyes into the process. Your intentions should be to absorb the suns rays by looking around the sun utilizing a tree, a cloud, a mountain or even a building to block out the core of the sun. Even this can be intense at first, depending on the time of day and that is why we recommend NOT pushing yourself! Do what FEELS comfortable, start out with only brief glimpses of the sun, and feeling it out through out the day. Then escalate the time to a few seconds, your body will tell you what you need, listen to it!


  • Timing can be the most effective tool used to successfully sun gaze. The most opportune time is sunrise because this amazing moment is a gradually exposing, allowing the eyes to adjust perfectly (enough to have 10-15min sun gazing sessions)! The second most effective time is sunset (assuming your eyes are capable of handeling the sun at mid-day). The last 30 minutes of the sun in eyes view are just as amazing a moment as sunrise. This can be a slow, in depth, pro-longed energy gathering experience. Aiding in the bodily activities that occur afterwards, such as sleeping/dreaming. The quantity of sun gazing necessary for each individual is different, as we are all unique in our own way, so be conscious of what is best for YOU.


  • Bodily activities during these moments will effect the outcome just as much as any other aspect. Sun gazing can be done anywhere, any time but there is always more or less effective way to go about anything. Utilizing the physical opportunities to connect with earth while in the process is like turning on an amplifier. Having your skin exposed to the earth directly will give you a different experience, just like doing it while in water will result uniquely. Play with different mediums and go with your feelings. Remember that we can be like battery’s needing to be discharged. There is always to much and to little of something, so balancing out how much time you spend touching the earth, with how much time you don’t is important.


  • Analyze the process, progress, positive effects, negative effects, health fluctuations, energy levels, appetite, consciousness and any other areas that present themselves to you or you have in focus. Log your experiences in one way or another (recording, audio, journal, paintings, pictures…) Compare your experiences to other sun gazer’s, hypothesize, explore, imagine the world through new eyes! Effectively manage your sun gazing experience with your new found perspective on life and let your light shine!