Cloudy – Winter Sun Gazing

What to do on those long winter, cloudy, overcast days!

Thank you Vicki for bringing this great topic to our attention!

This is a very valid topic that happens to people all over the world wherever you live. There are those cloudy days, and those overcast days and even those long months or weeks of no sun depending on where you live. Simply put, you don’t need to sun gaze every day! So if there is no sun, no worries, wait another day. If you have not gazed in a while and are really looking to gaze and you plan on sun gazing and get up early and it is overcast or partially cloudy, NO WORRIES. Partially cloudy conditions are actually advantageous to your sun gazing experience. This weather condition allows for some kind of filter between your eyes and the sun and can aid in the amount of time you sun gaze and be utilzed as natural control for how much sun you are taking in (just as do trees, building or any other “obstructions”). In an overcast condition, the same opportunities are presented with a natural control/filter for your sun gazing experience. In both of these condition you must remember that the sun still shines through these atmospheric states depending on the density and is sometimes magnified (be cautious). I would say that the magnification happens more often in the overcast condition than it does in the cloudy one. Usually the overcast conditions will burn off and at this time or a later time in the day, you can plan to get some sun gazing in. As for those long winter days with very little to no sun, sun gazing may just have to be a seasonal activity for you. Test it out, it may be what your body requires. It may not and you may be the kind of person that requires sun more often, and in that case, moving is really the best solution.

Remember, in all of these situation the sun is always there! If you can not see it, you can still feel it. Its not always about the direct sun light, but connecting energetically with the sun as well. Even in the most “severe” conditions your body will still gain more light from an obstructed sun, opposed to not sun gazing. So feel free to gaze on and learn what it feels like to be sensitive to small amounts of the sun. This could make you more acute than others and when the time comes when you get direct sunlight, you probably will not need as much.

Mahalo for your time!


  1. I’ve often wondered, would a SADS light help some on heavily overcast days? I live in Michigan, and as much as I love the beauty of snow in winter, it does stink to have such long stretches without direct sunlight.

    • Hello Marissa, That is a good suggestion. Honestly “S.A.D.” is new to me and so are the lights that are sold to assist with that. I am sure they are definitely beneficial, BUT….. I would recommend researching what light bulbs are the healthiest, because there are a lot of bulbs out there that are not healthy because of the materials they are made out of and the bad frequency’s some give off. If you purchased a “good” SAD light, I would still say that nothing compares to the real thing. I would use it in moderation and see how you feel, if you get one let us know how it works out for you.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve recently discovered sun-gazing and I live in Canada where our winters are very cold and snowy. I can’t seem to find any information on gazing in these conditions? Its not possible for our family to connect bare souls of the feet with the earth year round without snow&ice. Do you have any information or know where I can find some to accommodate this climate? Thank you in advance!

    • Hello Val,

      First of all, Mahalo for your time and your interest in our website, and of course Sun Gazing! As you can read above, I have addressed the general issue of sun gazing under the similar conditions that you may encounter in Canada. Like Marissa brought to light (pun intended), their are special lights that help people receive the light that they are not receiving or feel they need, due to their natural conditions. Under such conditions as yours, where you are surrounded by cold snowy conditions for most of the year, your options are limited. I would recommend spending a bit more time during those months that are warmer, to absorb the sun as much as possible, of course taking cautions to how your body reacts to the amount of sun you take in. Just like your climate, you are different and may not need as much sun gazing as some other people receive. Not to mention, there are many other ways to open and de-calcify your pineal gland, specifically by altering your diet/energy intake. Google/Bing/Yahoo “de-calcify pineal gland” and you will find some great videos and articles.

      As far as pushing forward with sungazing in those type of conditions, I would recommend spending more time creating a special spot that you have cleared, possibly warmed up, and utilizing that spot over and over to sun gaze in. If you are near water, and if it ever gets warm enough to go in, that is always a great as well. One thing that I think might help the most, is for you to remember the purpose of putting your feet to the earth, to connect/ground/create a circuit of continuity with Earth; this can also be done by sitting and truly embracing the flow of energy through your chakra system and the flow of life, so sitting and leaning up against a tree can also help to create this circuit.

      I hope that I have brought some light to this situation. Have a great week!

    • Namaste Val.
      Don’t be worried by the namaste. It’s just an ancient Hindu greeting that means the divinity in me salutes the divinity in you.

      Just happend on this site while doing some sungazing googling. I’m sure I can help you with Canada sungazing, even though it’s now almost summer.

      I’m in Toronto, now in my 11th year of sungazing (we met Hira Ratan Manek in 2003), with plenty experience of Canadian winters and summers too. And plenty of benefits as well.

      Send me an email at or a call at 416-289-9088, or send me you number and I will call you. A lot easier to talk this through than typing on the computer.

      And if you are in the Greater Toronto Area, and interested in meeting a small group of sungazers, well one such is on next week Friday at the Annapurna vegetarian restaurant at about 1 pm! My wife and I, both long time sungazers, are planning to attend. We’re doing a mini revival of the Sungazing Canada group that I used to run a few years ago.

      My wife and I are among several people in Canada who have successfully sungazed through several winters without stepping out of this country.

      Ram Jagessar

  3. Hi, I’m new to this too, and read that the grass can take energy away from you after sungazing and to wear something on your feet to walk after gazing. Do you find this to be true?
    Also, do you know if the different auras you see while gazing to mean anything in particular or is it your eyes adjusting to the sun?

    Thanks, I love the connection.

    • Hello Vicki
      That is a possibility….but in that instance, I would assume that anything could “take energy away”. But if we continue to think deeply about energy, everything is made up of energy, which means we could essentially gain energy from anything or give energy to anything. The more we become aware of our own energy and how it interacts with other energy sources, the more complex it can get. I think getting in touch with the FLOW of energy is important to find a balance in this complex subject, so that we learn to give and receive at the right moments.

      I personally have not had any experience as you have described with the grass.

      The aura’s that can be seen, are partially due to the eyes adjusting to the sun. I do believe that the auras hold more meaning than just our eyes adjusting, SEEING AURA’s is an advancement!

      Thanks for stopping by Vicki


    • Namaste Vicki.

      I always tell people not to sungaze while standing barefoot on grass because that defeats the whole purpose of barefoot sungazing.

      We sungaze standing barefoot on (sun warmed) earth or sand because we are trying to collect through the soles of our feet some of the sun energy that warmed the earth in the first case.

      If we sungaze standing barefoot on grass then there is no sun energy to collect via the feet. The grass has already collected the sun energy and through photosynthesis is using that energy for its own growth.

      Similarly if you sungaze wearing shoes you are getting nothing from the feet. And of course if you sungaze standing barefoot on cold ground, you also have no sun energy to collect as the cold ground doesn’t have any to give. And it’s plenty uncomfortable too. One winer I tried warming the ground with hair dryer and covering my feet with a blanket while standing up there in below zero temperature with winter coat, hat and gloves! But it didn’t do anything but convince the neighbours I was crazy! Electric heat from a hair dryer doesn’t cut it.

      So I advise people when it’s winter and cold, forget about sungazing out in the open air, whether with shoes or barefoot. Sungaze inside a warm building through a clear glass window, or sit in your car and gaze through a clear windshield or window glass (not a tinted glass). You will get a little less energy than when you are looking at the safe sun directly (when the UV is 2 or less, but them’s the breaks we get when living in a temperate climate.

      Hope this helps you out a little.
      If you want to go further, semd me a direct email at

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  6. I have just begun to Sungaze and wish i had read your site as we had overcaste yesterday so i missed a day. I’m up to 30 secs so a true novice on the pathway. When you miss a day do you need to go back a step or can you continue or does it depend on how you reach if you continue on schedule?

    One thought i had to add on the grounding aspect is Earthing or Grounding which i have connected with. That would most likely help those in challenging climates or conditions. One could inexpensively take an old 3 prong extension cord and remove the two live parts on each side and then you have your own grounding wire to commence with. Would like your thoughts on this idea/subject.

    Appreciate your information here..

  7. Meant to say
    depend on how you react instead of
    depend on how you reach if you continue on schedule?

  8. Hi, I started sun gazing last year but I can’t do I through the whole year because of the often changing weather conditions here in Berlin. I wanted to know if solar charged water can be a effective second source for sun in take and will I still get the physical healing effects?

    I appreciate you answers. Best regards.

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