HowToSunGaze.com was created organically through the intense personal Sun Gazing experiences of a few people and the empathetic view gained from these experiences, allowing for the spread of knowledge, love, health, wealth and abundance!

Sun Gazing has proven the test of time! It has been praised around the world in the oldest human records and is still worshiped around the world; from the small country of Latvia with their “Mid-Summer Festival – Ligo“, to America “Lollapalooza – Chicago” and around to India’s “Summer Festival – Buddha Poornima“. There is an endless list to add to the amount of people still celebrating the sun, consciously and unconsciously yearly! Bringing a unique view of the sun and its significance in human life and LIFE as a whole, has become one of the most important steps that has presented itself to the path of humanity in our current cycle / zeitgeist. Utilizing what is given, our brain, nature and any other aspects of this life, like the sun which is directly energizing our galaxy is beyond feasible and understandable on a very primal level to the other side of the spectrum in a scientific, analytically driven view.

We urge you to take a look at our view of sun gazing, along with the multiple other views of sun gazing available and create a path that is best fit for your personal needs and desires. We are all uniquely, blessed individuals with a significant amount of common traits, lets balance those two; by bonding together in the beneficial light of the galaxy and by creating unique, undiscovered possibilities life has to offer to everyone.