{Sun Activation} An essential step in humanities evolutionary process!


The Sun is the biggest planet in our planetary system. Its circumference is 109 times bigger than that of the earth and it can accommodate 1.3 million earths in it (1,392,000 km diameter). Its distance from our earth is 150 million km and it weighs 333,000 times the weight of the earth. Also, 99.8% of the weight of our planetary system is the sun’s weight. Sun continuously sends out fireballs, which are 50,000 km long, 9,000 km wide and whose each jump towards the earth is 200,000 km. Due to all these magnificent powers of the sun, it is no wonder that it has inspired the mankind throughout the history. It has been worshipped from the earliest of times by many societies living in different parts of the world. Each civilization had a different story about it.

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How to…

Used in ancient civilizations

In numerous ancient civilizations — from the Incas and Aztecs to the Greeks and Egyptians – this practice was privileged to only the high priests and was taboo for ‘ordinary’ people. Now, with the aid of the web, this resurrected practice is accumulating international momentum(Thanks to you!).

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